Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Evolution in protective cases

The evolution in protective cases. Don't just protect your phone from falls. Prevent your phone from falling in the first place.

The evolution in protective cases

    Practically all iPhone case manufacturers focus solely on the case's protective qualities with no preventative measures being taken into consideration. We know how valuable (and expensive) your phone is and we don't want to see you dropping it at all.
BUT...in the event that you still manage to drop your phone, be sure that your phone will be protected. The case is made up of a brushed durable Polycarbonate material.

Everyday use

The loop keeps the phone secure in your hand during everyday use. Grip the loop with your finger when talking on the phone, taking photos, or even let it safely dangle when you need to free up your hands. GripFlik is ideal for people who like to keep their phones close at-hand—literally!

Total ease and security in all situations

Perfect for capturing one-handed picture and video without the fear of dropping your phone. It’s not always an easy task shooting a video from your iPhone, especially when you are in action yourself. Many users are athletes who enjoy capturing themselves or others while performing. With GripFlik, this can be done with total ease and security, knowing your phone is in good hands!

Functional and applicable to everyone

GripFlik has great practical uses for all walks of life. From the on-the-go mom to the training runner. We are always amazed when we hear of the different ways people use it. No matter who you are or where you are from, GripFlik has a huge application for everyone.

Sleek protective design without the bulk

GripFlik’s sleek design fits easily into pockets, unlike most bulky, over-protective cases. Many cases lose the original slim design that iPhones are famous for, so we decided it’s important to support that cool design and not take away from it.

Versatile and adaptable

Attaching GripFlik to a belt loop or bag handle with a carabiner or lanyard is another great way to use it. If you prefer to not hold your phone but simply have it close by in case of a call, no problem! Some users have been known to attach it to their backpacks at school, while others have hung it around their necks.

So, How will you GripFlik?