Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life in India

     Watched the movie 'Life of Pi' yesterday, my eyes were moist at the time the movie ended.  Although this movie is from Hollywood but its visual effects are created under the direction of an indian.

     When it comes to movies from India, in many minds bollywood pop-up. I want share with you today some of the Legendary indian movies which were produced out of bollywood and are of matchless excellence.

     The other day one of my friend asked me "Tell me some of the best indian movies to watch like slumdog etc". In this post I like to tell You about the best movies that shook me and made me Think! All these movies are of Tamil director named 'Bala'. All movies he made in his entire career are Awesome!

     I recommend two films particularly to everyone to watch one is Pithamagan and another is Naan Kadavul.

     If You are interested in knowing majority of 'Indians' or rural India's Lifestyle you should certainly give a shot to 'Pithamagan'. Subtitles will be needed if your are not a Tamil language speaker for this film but its worth a watch.

     After watching please don't forget to leave comments about your experience.

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