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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Affiliate Marketing
Truth and Dare

          Time has changed a lot in last two decades in the field of Marketing. There were days when a customer walks in your Grocery stores and You try to persuade him/her by asking "what else do you need" after they buy an item or 2, and how much a single customer buys that much You breathe easy! But as I said in the beginning many marketing Strategies has got changed.You absolutely don't need an MBA to dominate in the world of online Marketing. The are numerous underdogs who entered online Marketing and became millionaire in 8 months or some years. To know more and to get motivated read this article Young Millionaires.
          See a small idea can change your world.Nikola Tesla who was a poor man became affluent with his invention of ac/dc current. He not only changed his life but also the whole world forever! If he hadn't invented electricity none of today's transformation could have been possible, even today we would have been sitting with chimneys in our houses.
          Above given analogy can also be applied to today's marketing world. Affiliate Marketing has taken the world with Storm, there are not thousands but millions of People in affiliate world! In affiliate Marketing you have just to Promote others Product and You earn a commision on each Sale they make,if you don't know about this then to get a better idea visit:

          I would like to briefly describe the Cons(Pros & Cons) of Affiliate Marketing (For pros You may visit:

  • The first and foremost thing You should need to have is you own website where you can promote the products.For which you have to Register with a website registrar and a host a website at a host which has a small cost.

  • Its better You Stay away from affiliate Marketing if you are not a tech savvy. They say anyone can do it. But that's not the truth.

  • You should have a list of buyers or 'Superbuyers' is what I like call them who buys products from You as you e-mail them your affiliate links through an autoresponder. To have this list You should be a vendor having your own products selling with 'high gravity' in Click bank or some other affiliate sites. The thing is you should be famous in online marketing.

    Quoted as above there are many cons of affiliate Marketing of which many of the 'Superaffiliates' out there don't speak out which You will come to know as you dig deep into online Marketing!

So my conclusion is stay away from affiliate Marketing unless You have your own reputation in web.

If You want give a shot to Affiliate Marketing the best Program is imwithjamie.